Data & Society

Decoding the AI Executive Order

Episode Summary

On October 30, the White House issued its long-awaited executive order on artificial intelligence. We’re heartened by the order’s focus on some of AI’s most pressing real-world harms, and especially encouraged by its commitment to apply mandatory rights-protecting practices to the federal government’s use of AI, drawing heavily from the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights. A key issue now will be implementing the order’s directives, and addressing the need to put money and people quickly into action across the federal government to advance a very ambitious plan on a short timeline. Our November 7 at 11 a.m. ET during a special LinkedIn Live event featured analysis of the AI executive order with Data & Society’s Executive Director Janet Haven, Policy Director Brian Chen and two coauthors of the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights: D&S Senior Policy Fellow Sorelle Friedler and Brown University Professor and D&S Board Member Suresh Venkatasubramanian. They offered their impressions of the order, considered the implications of guidance from the Office of Management and Budget, and reflected on what’s next for policy and the field.